About Nikki

I am a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a degree in music education, and currently working in residence life at the internationally renowned Interlochen Arts Academy. I also have five summers at the Interlochen Arts Camp under my belt. I’ve worked primarily with middle school and late elementary students privately, in the classroom, and in camp life, but I’ve recently adventured into the land of high school age students.

What am I doing now? I’m responsible for the safety, sanity, and general well-being of 25 students that come from 14 states and 4 countries to study not only rigorous academics, but music, dance, visual arts, motion picture arts, and comparative arts. In loco parentis, baby.

What does the future hold? If you have an answer for me, I’d be thrilled to hear it! There are so many roads I could take at this point. I’m keeping an open mind. The driving force for me is a lifelong passion of the arts and working with students.


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